Soon, the points that you earn during a game will be accumulated on your player profile. The points are attributed as follows:

For a game:

Individual number of points earned

  • Individual points average (Total number of points earned by the team divided by the number of players)
  • 5 points per kilometer traveled during the game
  • 1 point per check/minute of "partnership" (Each minute spent with at least one ally)

The level of points accumulated allows you to obtain successive grades that determine your gaming experience compared to the other players. From the first grade onwards, you receive an annual COB balance. The higher the grade, the higher the balance. COB is Cobalt's currency, which can be used to play at any time. It can also be transferred to the accounts of other players. The balance in your account is available at any time on your user account.

To retain your grade, you must come and play at least twice a year (a year begins on the day of your first game).